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3rd Social Media for Customer Management Summit

The leading online social CRM event returns for the 3rd time! And it's STILL FREE!

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  • Kim Keating
  • Walter Van Norden
  • Jim Rainville
  • Annette Blackwell
  • Jeff Elumba
  • Duke Chung
  • Salwa Azar
  • Joe Cothrel
  • Brian Kling

Dear customer management professional,

CustomerManagementIQ is thrilled to welcome you to the 3rd Social Media for Customer Management Summit!

The debate over “to do or not to do” is slowing down, but the debate about how to best make sense of a social strategy is as intense as ever.  Social’s evolution from the “marketing tool of the future” to a customer management necessity has, quite simply, produced a whirlwind of reactions, and the 3rd Social Media for Customer Management Summit navigates the debate to uncover the right way to achieve and measure success.

Whether you're a social media advocate or social media hater, you can't afford to ignore this free event!

Let's face it -- since the 2nd Social Media for Customer Management Summit, some organizations have experienced unprecedented success from their social initiatives through the generation of quality leads, the capturing of invaluable customer insights and the management of viral sentiment.  Others, however, continue to see success elude them--they have no financial or customer satisfaction benefit to show for their millions of Facebook fans and countless hours of Tweeting.

What, they ask, is the point of social CRM?

 With people, often justifiably, questioning the correct "end goal" of social media,  this event will be instrumental in answering that question from a customer-centric standpoint.  Instead of focusing on what is “cool” to social advocates or simply on what is most aligned with a common, revenue conception of ROI, we will look at how the needs of customers are overlapping with social, and how that alignment can help produce the desired results.  How will we get our agents ready to deal with customers in that environment?  How will we align every facet of the business with the demands of a social environment?  And how will we measure it all? 

Today's most successful enterprises recognize the customer experience as a top priority for the entire organization, and social CRM plays an integral role in driving that experience for the multi-channel customer.  As such, do not stand idly by as your competitors reap the rewards of social media!  The ROI might be different than what was expected or promised, but there indeed exists an opportunity to drive a substantial, positive impact on the business and customer experience.

The 3rd Social Media for Customer Management Summit, through exclusive case study presentations and insights from battle-tested customer management leaders, positions you to identify, achieve and benchmark that return!  SPACES ARE SEVERELY LIMITED -- REGISTER NOW TO SECURE YOUR SPOT IN THIS FREE EVENT!

We look forward to seeing you online,

Brian Cantor
Customer Management IQ




This event is ideal for C-level management, vice presidents, directors, managers and strategists focused on the following areas: social media, marketing, customer service, customer care, customer experience, customer retention, call centers, contact centers, customer relationship management, customer loyalty, customer engagement.


This comprehensive online summit will help you seize valuable CRM opportunities in social media by revamping all facets of your customer management effort and significantly improving your ability to engage the target audience. Presentations topics, to be delivered by battle-tested industry experts and thought leaders, include: defining what ROI really means in the context of social media, achieving and measuring short- and long-term success through social CRM, establishing social media as a core business strategy, determining what revenue and customer management goals cannot be achieved via social media, readying your call center to capitalize on multi-channel communication, acquiring and acting on customer insights communicated via social and integrating social support into all the relevant business functions.


In the comfort of your home or office! No traveling expenses or timing conflicts. This online event takes place by using your computer or laptop!


March 13 - Based on customer feedback, we have decided to jampack our series of invaluable content, never-before-heard case studies and actionalbe insights into a single day, greatly minimizing the time commitment and greatly limiting the "time to live" for turning the conference insights into business results!

Is March 13 a conflict?  Do not worry -- all sessions are recorded and made available for registered users within 2 business days. 


The early returns from social media have not been what everyone expected, and as a result, there has been some "doubt" about whether it needs to be viewed as a high-priority customer experience focus going forward.  This is a mistake - there is a real return to be gained from social, and if you do not understand how to identify and achieve it, your competitors will win your customers faster than you can say "Tweet."

Oh, and did we mention it is FREE!?


Register for FREE nowThen, on March 13, you will receive access to the live summit console, which enables you to view the slides, hear the presentation and ask questions directly to the speaker(s).  And, if you register, you will also receive instructions on how to view the sessions on demand following the live run.


The Great Social ROI Challenge - Expertly Measuring Social Customer Care
Kim Keating
Walter Van Norden
Jim Rainville

In 2012, virtually no one—from the C-level down to the entry level customer service rep—is denying the importance of social media as a customer care platform.  But when it comes to the channel’s ability to generate “ROI” while truly transforming the customer experience, the debate is just beginning!  The value and objective of a social strategy will naturally differ from organization to organization, but at this point, a consistent truth is emerging: the channel needs to demonstrate some sort of positive impact on business in order to justify continued investment.  Through the following topics, this session explores how to understand and measure that impact.

  • Making customer experience “social”:  C-level executives are now prioritizing the experience as a key business objective in and of itself; what proven role can—and will—social play in achieving that objective?
  • Speaking to executives:  And even though C-level executives understand the importance of the customer experience, how has their mindset towards success changed?  How do you win their “buy-in?”
  • ROI vs. ROO:  Some feel “ROI,” typically thought of in financial terms, is the wrong approach for social.  But some return on objective must be shown, and if revenue is not the goal, what is?  What proven strategies exist for measuring this more-appropriate value objective?
  • Don't say goodbye:  Social media might seem like a new animal, but some of your contact center metrics are still relevant.  Can your existing performance measurement account for social?
  • What social is not:  Social media is undoubtedly promising, but it is not quite a silver bullet for customer management—what benefits should professionals concede as unattainable when building strategy?
Kim Keating, Founder and CEO, Kenna Inc
Walter Van Norden, Director, TELUS International
Jim Rainville, Principal Sales Engineer, Oracle


Case Study: Canadian Blood Services Improves Customer/Donor Experience in the Social Era
Annette Blackwell
Jeff Elumba

In a recent survey of executives across the globe, over 80% of respondents named “customer experience” among their top strategic priorities in the coming year.  Yet, few know what it takes to achieve a great customer experience and gain a sustainable competitive edge.  In this webinar, you will learn how Canadian Blood Services, a not-for-profit, charitable organization who manages the blood and blood products supply for Canadians, leverages multiple channels to provide a 360 degree view of its customers/donors and improve their overall customer/donor experience.   Canadian Blood is increasing customer loyalty through its customer/donor outreach and experience efforts and ensuring its loyal customers/donors return when they need them to help replenish the Canadian blood supply.      

Annette Blackwell, Manager, IT Projects, Canadian Blood Services
Jeff Elumba, Director, SAP CRM Center of Excellence


Multi-Channel Excellence: How Will Social Media Transform Your Contact Center?
Duke Chung
Salwa Azar

Multi-channel is not a buzz word—it is a necessity for satisfying customers in an ever-interactive world.  As a result, minor “changes” like introducing a Twitter account and basic social media monitoring are no longer sufficient.  Instead, organizations must rethink the entire customer experience, redefining how their customer support agents interact with customers and how the success or failure of those interactions is benchmarked.  This session reveals how to efficiently weave the channel into the contact center so that excellence is both attainable and measurable.  Topics include:

  • Arming the reps:  From introducing a new customer experience culture, to creating new scripts and guidelines, to installing new communications platforms, ready your reps to excel on social.
  • Out with the old: The performance measurements that made sense in the call center may not make sense in a socially-driven, multi-channel environment.  Learn what benchmarks matter for today’s customer service.
  • Guiding the call: Though you do have to play on the customers’ terms, you know that different channels are better for different issues.  Learn how to analyze direct inquiries to the most efficient contact channel.
  • Identifying today’s rep:  Re-training your existing reps is a must for a multi-faceted customer service function, but for future hiring, why not screen for the rep best suited for multi-channel and social success?
Duke Chung, Co-Founder, Parature
Salwa Azar, Community Development Manager, We R Interactive


Next Generation Social Support: Making Social the Way You Do Business
Joe Cothrel
Brian Kling

Companies like Autodesk are driving millions in ROI annually from social support because it delivers better service at a better value.  Next generation Social Support is about dialing it up a notch—maximizing that value by making it a fundamental part of the support ecosystem, fully integrated with the systems and processes that make your company run.  What strategies and tactics will help you catch up with the current state of the art in social support?   What will help you leap ahead?  Join Lithium Chief Community Officer Joe Cothrel in an overview of the four kinds of integration most critical to social support success and the business outcomes they deliver:

1)  Infusing your website with ways for social customers to interact with each other
2)  Bringing  social customer data deeper into the business with system integrations
3)  The cultural changes necessary to organize the business around the social customer
4)  Internal processes and practices needed to maximize the value of social customer data to the business.  

Then, go deep with Autodesk Community & Social Media Program Manager Brian Kling as he discusses the particulars of the Autodesk social CRM integration initiative—why and how Autodesk implemented a Lithium – Salesforce integration to maximize the value of social customer data from their Lithium Social Support community.  Learn how to approach and manage the social CRM integration process, its particular challenges, and the business outcomes driven when social customer interaction data is more deeply integrated into the business.

Joe Cothrel, Chief Community Officer, Lithium
Brian Kling, Community & Social Media Program Manager, Autodesk



1. I can't make some of these sessions. Will I be able to get a copy?
All sessions will be recorded and made available, as a free courtesy for registered users, shortly after the event date.  Whether you were forced to miss a session or simply want to re-live the experience for note-taking, your access does not end on March 13!

2. When are the sessions being offered?
The sessions are outlined below for your convenience. Remember...if you can't make it, don't worry; you will still get access to the recording so you won't miss a thing!  All times are for the Eastern US Time Zone.

March 13 - 10:45AM

March 13 - 12PM

March 13 - 1:15PM

March 13 - 2:45PM

3. Will the PowerPoints be available?
All registrants will be able to view the slides on the webinar console; recordings of the sessions, featuring the slides, will be made available shortly after the live sessions. PDF versions of slides will be made available at the discretion of speakers.

4. Where is the event?
The event is located from the comforts of your home or office. No hassle of travel or accommodation expenses.

5. How long is each session?

Each session is 1 hour in length. There will be either a 15-minute or 30-minute break between sessions.

6. How do you ask questions during the sessions?
For LIVE sessions, the speakers and attendees are set up with LIVE chat, enabling attendees to ask questions directly to the thought leaders!

7.  What if I have technical questions or any other type of questions, who do I contact?
Should you have any technical difficulties or any questions about the event, you may send an email to customer support at

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Kim Keating

Kenna Inc

Kim is the founder and CEO of Kenna Inc, a consulting firm of business performance specialists who advise companies on customer service and support operations. Kim also leads the SPOT Consulting contact center optimization practice focused on competitive analysis and business intelligence. She has helped deliver significant savings to Fortune 500 companies including TELUS, DIRECTV, Microsoft and Dell. In addition to her Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certifications, she is also a certified consultant for the Vested Outsourcing Process.

Speaking on: The Great Social ROI Challenge - Expertly Measuring Social Customer Care


Walter Van Norden

TELUS International

Walter is Director, Marketing for TELUS International – a global contact center outsourcing provider to enterprise clients. He is an experienced business strategy professional with deep roots in the telecom and high technology sectors. With years of experience in management consulting, outsourcing, software-as-a-service and cloud computing, Walter is responsible for anticipating and managing the customer experience impact of new technologies in the company’s contact center, IT and business process outsourcing practices. His research focus is the cultural dimension of technological change.

Speaking on: The Great Social ROI Challenge - Expertly Measuring Social Customer Care


Jim Rainville


Jim Rainville is a Principal Sales Engineer for Oracle. With over 25 years developing and selling software, Jim currently works with Oracle’s LiveHelp product line which connects end customers via voice, chat and email to a unified contact center desktop tool. Jim has been instrumental in developing a proof of concept project that filters and monitors social channels and brings them into the same agent desktop tool as more traditional LiveHelp channels. Most recently, Jim is studying methods for providing sentiment analysis in a closed feedback loop on social posts.

Speaking on: The Great Social ROI Challenge - Expertly Measuring Social Customer Care


Annette Blackwell

Canadian Blood Services

Annette is a senior project manager with Canadian Blood Services. She has more than 25 years of experience in information technology and has spent the past fifteen in as a project manager (with a specialty in systems integration). For the past seven years, she has focused on SAP projects.

Speaking on: Case Study: Canadian Blood Services Improves Customer/Donor Experience in the Social Era


Jeff Elumba

SAP CRM Center of Excellence

Jeff Elumba is a 13 year veteran with SAP America having been a FI/CO Functional Consultant, Implementation Project Manager, Client Partner and most recently a member of the SAP North America SAP CRM Center of Excellence. Jeff has extensive CRM application experience inside and outside of SAP. As part of the SAP CRM Center of Excellence, Jeff and his colleagues support the SAP Field Sales Organization and the SAP Customer Value Network with enablement and education programs on the SAP CRM business applications along with the SAP CRM Solution Extensions and SAP Endorsed Business Solutions across multiple industries. Jeff currently supports the Consumer Products, Wholesale Distribution, Retail, Utilities and Financial Services Industries.

Speaking on: Case Study: Canadian Blood Services Improves Customer/Donor Experience in the Social Era


Duke Chung


Duke Chung co-founded Parature with a vision to provide superior customer service and social engagement software accessible via the Internet. Today, Parature’s cloud-based product supports nearly 35 million end users worldwide in diverse industries from associations, federal and educational institutions, gaming, services, and technology companies. Duke is recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs in the Greater Washington Metropolitan region and has been widely recognized for pioneering innovation with such honors as being named The Washingtonian magazine’s Power 150 as a ‘Rising Star’ and most recently to the Bisnow on Business ‘Top 35 under 35 Entrepreneur’ in the Washington region.

Speaking on: Multi-Channel Excellence: How Will Social Media Transform Your Contact Center?


Salwa Azar

We R Interactive

As Community Development Manager at We R Interactive, the social games publisher for sport and music, Salwa heads up a multi-lingual team supporting the growing global user-base for the company’s first game I AM PLAYR and its soon-to-launch music games. Salwa’s team is the company interface to its user base - both in terms of filtering information out to its users and also channeling feedback internally to the marketing and development teams to ensure that its games best meets the needs of the user. Her team is also helping to drive retention, virality and brand loyalty. Salwa brings a strong blend of social media, customer service skills and gaming experience to the role. Prior to We R Interactive she was an Outreach Campaign Assistant at viral seeding agency, Unruly Media, working on campaigns for T-Mobile and Stella Artois. And the early part of her career was spent at Eidos, where after starting out as Quality Assurance Tester for the company’s games, she then moved into the role of Customer Services Phone Operator covering the whole of the UK with phone and e-mail support.

Speaking on: Multi-Channel Excellence: How Will Social Media Transform Your Contact Center?


Joe Cothrel


For more than a decade, Joe has helped large organizations use social technologies to drive measureable business value. In work with more than 300 companies, he has helped plan and launch successful social support efforts in telecommunications, computer hardware, computer software, e-retail, and many other industries. His previous roles include serving as head of research for a community management services firm, and as a consultant and researcher in management consulting practices at Andersen and Ernst & Young.

Speaking on: Next Generation Social Support: Making Social the Way You Do Business


Brian Kling


In addition to leading and managing these global programs for his division, Brian is a member of Community & Social Media core teams at Autodesk, collaborating across business units to develop and drive overall strategy and direction for the company. He is passionate about leveraging the power of customer communities and social interaction to provide an optimized customer experience, while doing so in a measurable and cost-effective way for the business.

Speaking on: Next Generation Social Support: Making Social the Way You Do Business